Royaume des Mers


In 2011 J’OCEANE purchased ROYAUME DES MERS, a key player in the MIN de Rungis. J'OCEANE shares the brand’s values and attaches the same importance to its savoir-faire and high quality. J'OCEANE could not be happier to have the opportunity to breathe new life into this brand.

As a result of its strong values and passion for seafood produce, in 2016 J’OCEANE became the majority stakeholder of H2O MAREE.

José CORREIA and Stéphane KADEM decided to rename the new Marseille-based subsidiary, ROYAUME DES MERS.

This strategic acquisition enabled Stéphane Kadem, the founder of H2O MAREE, to offer his customers the advantage of the J’OCEANE network without compromising the requirement for proximity which is essential for the provision of a high-quality service.

Located in the heart of Marseille’s 11th arrondissement, ROYAUME DES MERS disposes of 400m² of laboratory premises and offers an extensive range of seafood products that respect the seasons and natural resources. With its strong local culinary culture, the strength of ROYAUME DES MERS lies in its specialist advice and in depth knowledge of its products and local supply. The addition of J'OCEANE has allowed the company to build on the savoir-faire of ROYAUME DES MERS with its specialist knowledge of the Japanese restaurant sector, known for its high standards in terms of quality.

In conjunction with its clientele from the restaurant and catering industries, LE ROYAUME DES MERS also offers a filleting service carried out by a team of fish produce and catering specialists. In order to guarantee the freshness and high quality of its produce, LE ROYAUME DES MERS delivers to its customers every morning, from Monday to Saturday.

Royaume des Mers