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J’OCEANE spécialiste en produits de la mer, est basée sur le MIN de Rungis depuis 1991.
L’entreprise a été fondée par José CORREIA qui continue toujours de la diriger avec son œil d’expert.

Second acteur le plus important du secteur de la marée à Rungis, J’OCEANE continue d’être une entreprise indépendante.
Depuis sa création, la société suit une croissance raisonnée, garante de sa fiabilité. Elle fonde son expansion sur la solidité de ses managers et de leurs équipes.

Au-delà d’une position géographique stratégique au cœur du plus grand marché de produits frais au monde, J’OCEANE a construit un réseau d’approvisionnement fort avec des fournisseurs du monde entier.

L’étroite relation et les liens humains tissés avec eux permettent aujourd’hui de distribuer des produits frais et de qualité à nos clients dans les meilleures conditions du marché.

J’OCEANE distribue auprès d’une clientèle de restaurants traditionnels, de poissonneries, de grossistes et semi-grossistes. En 2004, J’OCEANE fut précurseur en créant un service dédié à la restauration japonaise.

Passionnée, fiable et ambitieuse, J’OCEANE est déterminée à fournir le meilleur, 24h/24.

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5 000 M²
au coeur du M.I.N. de Rungis, le plus grand marché de produits frais du monde

clients (70% restauration livrée, 20% sur le poste de vente, 10% grossistes / semi-grossistes)

12 000
tonnes de marchandises par an

restaurants livrés

camions de livraison


chiffre d'affaires

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« Since the launch of J'OCEANE in 1991, it has taken many long hours of work to become a key player on the International Market at Rungis. Keeping this position entails forever taking risks

I owe my success to my team. A team of men and women who have all shared the desire to succeed from the very beginning.

I have been lucky to have had the pleasure of meeting some interesting people. Commitment, application and adaptability are the founding values of my company, dedicated to the sustainable marketing of sea products.

It is thanks to this that the 140 employees of J’Océane, reinforced by the diversity of their backgrounds, are always willing to bring to the best service to our customers."

José Correia

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Community groups
Sales area


J’Océane has cooperated with many well established traditional restaurants for 30 years and advises them in their selection of fish and seafood products.

With a catalogue that includes more than 300 references of wild and farmed fish, rare and exceptional products, J’Océane is a key player in the tide sector at Rungis.

Our teams alternate day and night shifts so as to offer an uninterrupted 24 hour ordering service. Always taking into consideration the needs of restaurant owners, our sales representatives guarantee a constant high quality of service. Offers are regularly made on many seasonal products so as to draw attention to the variety of goods in our catalogue.

Our focus is mainly on French fishing produce that has been stamped “Pavillon de France”. Because we favour short circuit supplies, we enjoy a privileged relationship with all those involved. Close proximity to local fishermen, oyster farmers and auction houses enables us to offer, not only exceptional cuts of fish, but ‘ultra-fresh out of the water’ products. It also means we can advise you well and make the most appropriate offers.

In our transformation laboratory, dedicated to traditional catering, we are able to meet the needs of the most demanding chefs who expect products of the utmost freshness and exceptional quality. When it comes to preparation, cutting and filleting, the experience and know-how of J’Océane excels. Finally, we can offer calibrated portions for collective catering.

Products are delivered just a few hours after being prepared, which guarantees their absolute freshness. Because your urgent last minute demands become our concern, we also offer a daytime emergency service.

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With more than 20 years of experience dealing with Japanese restaurants, J’Océane has acquired an expertise in the selection of leading products - especially salmon and tuna - as well as in traditional cutting techniques.

The strength of J’Océane begins with the sourcing and importing of quality fish from Japan, Oman, India, The Maldives and Sri Lanka.

J’Océane associates itself with ship owners at an early stage in order to obtain the best products, taking into account various parameters that influence the quality of our goods - such as the regulation on seasonal quotas, local weather, the currency exchange and even social climate .

In permanent liaison with Asian food restaurant owners, our multilingual teams work day and night to ensure order intakes. We take pride in answering to all the requests of our customers by offering them a made to measure service.

Fish selection and cutting is carried out in a special laboratory which is dedicated to the respect of tradition. Trained in Japanese techniques, a steady hand and precision, our staff ensure top quality products to the chefs.

Delivery takes place immediately to ensure a product of utmost freshness. Thanks to our Rungis platform and logistic solutions, our products are delivered in record time throughout France. To better satisfy our customers, we have developed a range of complementary products specific to Japanese restaurants.

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We have been catering for various community groups for several decades: hospitals, clinics, school canteens and company restaurants. With our many years of experience and know-how, we can meet with any demand such as: compliance with specific orders, portion sizes and cuts, delivery procedures, standards and even rules and regulations that may be particular to any one establishment.

We are there beside you to help you in the selection of the most appropriate products enabling you to plan your menus and data sheets and to meet your desired performance and quality objectives.

We take into account the specific characteristics of your business to bring you a satisfactory made-to-measure service.

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Because our seafood is caught all over the world, import and export is a fundamental part of our business. That’s why we have permanent departments in sourcing, customs clearance and chartering to and from the five continents. We are in constant communication with the world's leading freight forwarders. Our multilingual teams are ready to answer all your requests.

Our invaluable presence abroad has allowed us to establish relationships of trust and proximity with our suppliers for several decades. This guarantees first-rate sourcing for species such as tuna, salmon and swordfish.

Based on this experience, we are able to adapt to the latest standards and ensure that all our transactions comply with the latest customs and health regulations.

Whether you want to eat Breton oysters in a palace in Singapore or treat your customers to an excellent yelllowfin tuna freshly brought in from the Maldives, J’Océane is at your service.

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J’Océane has been situated in the historic fish pavilion in the International Market at Rungis for more than 30 years, with its exclusive sales area that covers 600 square meters. Although the original Parisian fish market was taken from Les Halles to Rungis, the atmosphere today remains the same. Displaying, negociating and selling are still done in the same traditional way with men and women working directly together sharing the same passion: quality seafood.

Our focus is mainly on French fishing produce that has been stamped “Pavillon de France”. Because we favour short circuit supplies, we enjoy a privileged relationship with all those involved. Close proximity to local fishermen, oyster farmers and auction houses enables us to offer, not only exceptional cuts of fish, but ‘ultra-fresh out of the water’ products. It also means we can advise you well and make the most appropriate offers.

The setting up and display of the merchandise is orchestrated so as to help and facilitate buyers with their purchases. Direct bargaining, live transactions and loading of trucks is all taken care of by us so that you can concentrate on selecting the very best products.

Our customers, ranging from restauranteurs, caterers, fishmongers and chefs, sometimes travel hundreds of kilometers to come and take part in the all night trading at Rungis. The real connoisseurs know that the earlier you arrive the better deals you get.

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Thanks to our expertise in multiple areas we are able to meet the requirements of organized networks.

Imagine you operate a multi-site network with several hundred sales outlets spread across the country, guaranteeing referred items throughout the year or keeping commitments to your final customers, J’Océane: is at your side. We will provide you with a reliable contact who will assure that your commitments are kept.

Because of our great experience with organized chains we are able to meet everyone's needs:
. Commitments with your marketing teams on products and labelling
. Establishing analytical reports with your network leaders.
. References, sizing and negotiated rates with your buyers
. The digitilisation and centralisation of your accounts

Once these parameters have been defined, our specialized contact will attend to the day-to-day job of multi-site ordering through a specific channel. Our teams will then take care of the preparation and delivery of your items in accordance with the established conditions. The selection of your suppliers is an important key to your success. J’Océane: considers the satisfaction of its customers to be its main objective.

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J’Océane: is well known by the larger retailers for the quality and freshness of its products, the importance of its sourcing and for the reliability and rapidity of its customer service.

We are able to deal with, not only the specific requests of large supermarkets, but also with their promotional operations. Our efficient infrastructure and our logistics network allow us to offer a constant and secure supply.

With a quality approach which aims at continually improving our methods, we place the department of Hygiene and Quality at the center of our production process. We constantly monitor compliance with your specifications.

J’Océane: adapts to how all parties operate: we have the capacity to work with your central purchasing, with your sale outlet managers or even via your marketplaces. We strive to build a long-term relationship of trust based on obtaining real advantages for our customers.

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As improving quality is an ongoing process J’Océane: has put into place a control system and series of measures in order to prevent any health risks. The tracking of a product is ensured from the fishing boat up until delivery to the customer.

J’Océane: has its own in-house laboratory where all arrivals are analyzed. As part of our performance monitoring, we also commission an independent analytical laboratory where ongoing controls are carried out.

We commit ourselves to respect the standards and regulations in force and require our suppliers to follow strict preventive measures. Our Hygiene and Quality department carries out internal and external audits every day in order to guarantee that our customers get only the best from the sea. As respecting the cold chain is the key to the quality of our products, we impose strict quality control on the entire logistics circuit and on all infrastructures.

An on-site veterinary service at the M.I.N is an additional guarantee of the attention we pay to the quality of our service.

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Because the sea is at the heart of our business, we must respect it.

We are well aware of the issues at stake today, the risk of over-exploitation of this resource and the impact of our activities on the environment. This is why the core of our policy is to protect and safeguard the seabed. We are committed, through the choice of our suppliers, to respect quotas and fishing zones.

We do not commercialize endangered species and respect the minimum sizes of the most fragile species because we are aware that the sea and the oceans do not have inexhaustible resources.

J’Océane: is a committed participant in responsible fishing, and we fully comply with all regulations that are in force. We are members of various responsible consumption labelling schemes (ASC, MSC Bio ...). We support all efforts that we consider to be indispensable towards sustainable development.


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Convinced that the shift towards being more environmentally friendly is a challenge that concerns us all, we support this transformation by encouraging any eco-responsible actions within the company that reduce the energy impact of our business. It is our intention in the future to deliver our products in clean energy powered delivery trucks.

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